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Drafting a Procurement Notice

Posting procurement notices ahead of or at the same time as your solicitation document is often a requirement of domestic and/or international trade law. The Procurement Notice function within Orbidder allows you to generate a notice with the project details you already inputted and drafted into the Orbidder system effortlessly. It is important to

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Drafting Snippet Library Content

The Snippet Library is made up with folders that correspond with specific drafting fields. To help you draft customized content that will assist your users in setting up and drafting your RFX documents, we have compiled a guide for each of these folders. For an overview of how to access and

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Adding a New User

If you are the Head of Procurement or an Administrator (see Orbidder Roles for details), you can add new users to your organization's Orbidder room. Follow these steps to add a new user: Select “Users” from the menu bar. Scroll to the bottom and click the green “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

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Using the Snippet Library

The Snippet Library is a specialized part of the Orbidder Vault containing snippets of content that can be dropped into Orbidder drafting fields from within your Orbidder projects. Using Snippets in Orbidder Projects Snippet content can be accessed by drafters directly from the Drafters Page in Orbidder. Each drafting field that has access to Snippets will include a

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Using the Orbidder Vault

What is the Orbidder Vault? The Orbidder Vault is a storage system within Orbidder that can be used to keep all of your standard forms and attachments in a centralized location accessible to your organization's Orbidder users. The Vault can be accessed by selecting "Vault" on the main menu bar:     From the Vault screen,

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Mandatory Requirements and Pre-Conditions in Context

Mandatory Submission Requirements & Pre-Conditions of Award Mandatory Submission Requirements are entered into the drafting fields and designated as either Submission Requirements or Pre-Conditions of Award through the radio toggle button as in the image below:   The content designated as a Submission Requirement will appear in the template in the following location:   The content

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Drafting Mandatory Technical Requirements

The Mandatory Technical Requirements drafting section should be used to set out technical requirements that must be met in order for a proposal or bid to be considered. Because failure to meet a mandatory requirement results in disqualification, great care should be taken in drafting mandatory requirements to ensure that they enable a clear and objective assessment

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Drafting Mandatory Submission Requirements and Pre-Conditions of Award

The Mandatory Submission Requirements/Preconditions of Award drafting section should be used to set out information that must be submitted either at the time of bid submission (Mandatory Submission Requirements) or prior to contract award (Pre-Conditions of Award). Common examples include: proof of insurance proof of workplace safety compliance proof of relevant certifications

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Drafting Evaluation Criteria

During the project creation phase, the Project Initiator creates an Evaluation Grid that sets out different Rated Criteria Categories and their respective weightings and minimum thresholds: During the drafting phase, the assigned drafter will be responsible for filling in the descriptions under each Rated Criteria Category: Use the space provided under each Rated

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Drafting Material Disclosures

The Material Disclosures section should be used to disclose: Information about the contemplated contract that could influence a bidder’s decision to bid Information about the contemplated contract that could influence a bidder's quoted price Unusual or dangerous conditions relating to the contemplated contract Some examples include: Hidden site dangers Site conditions that could impact

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