If your procurement involves the evaluation of both price and non-price factors, your Project Initiator will be asked to build an evaluation grid during the set up stage of the project:

To build your evaluation grid:

  • Add one or more categories of rated criteria (scored evaluation factors) underneath the Price category by filling in titles under “Rated Criteria Category” on the two blank lines supplied and adding or removing lines as needed using the buttons on the right of the drafting area.
  • Assign a percentage weighting to each criteria by reducing the default 100% value applied to price and distributing those points among all of the categories in a way that reflects the importance of these considerations for your particular project. Each category must have a weighting, and the total number of points must equal 100.
  • If desired, include a minimum threshold to ensure that the standards in a particular category are maintained without assigning undue weight to that category in the final determination. If you are not using minimum thresholds, leave the default value of “N/A” in place.

The Rated Criteria categories cannot be altered by the assigned drafter during the drafting stage. If you are a drafter and would like to add or edit categories, please contact the Procurement Lead for the project.

The following example shows a created Evaluation Grid for a procurement to generate a roster of event photographers:

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