Description of Deliverables in Context

The picture below shows the text entered into the "Description of Deliverables" drafting fields for the deliverable titled "Snow Removal":   The next picture shows where the text will appear in your finished template. Note that Orbidder has automatically numbered and referred to the attachment (circled in blue).     Read more about

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Drafting the Description of Deliverables

Each deliverable category should contain a detailed description of the required deliverable that includes all information the bidder will require. This can be drafted or pasted directly into the drafting field, uploaded as an attachment, or both. You may only upload one attachment for each deliverable category. All documents

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Plain Language versus Technical Language

(Adapted from Paul Emanuelli's Precision Drafting: Trade Secrets for Tenders and RFPs) Plain language should be used wherever possible. Using technical language is permissible when describing specialized subjects in a concise, accurate and technically precise manner. When dealing with technical subjects, remember the following points: Use plain language in the main parts of a

Creating Deliverable Categories

During the Orbidder project creation stage, you will be asked to create categories of deliverables on the Align Deliverables, Pricing and Material Disclosures page. Here's an overview of deliverable categories as they function in Orbidder: A category of deliverables is a deliverable or group of deliverables that will share a single pricing structure and

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Aligning Deliverables, Pricing and Material Disclosures

A properly designed tendering document should take into account all relevant categories of deliverables and the pricing structure for each category at the planning stage. One of the first steps in setting up your Orbidder project is to set out the categories of deliverables and their pricing structure. This is done on the page

How Will Deliverable Categories Be Used In My Project?

The Deliverable Categories you create on the Align Deliverables, Pricing & Material Disclosures page will appear in three places in your Orbidder project: As category titles for drafting the Description of Deliverables As category titles for drafting Material Disclosures As line items on the Pricing Form (simple version) In the following example, we've defined