Plain Language versus Technical Language

(Adapted from Paul Emanuelli's Precision Drafting: Trade Secrets for Tenders and RFPs) Plain language should be used wherever possible. Using technical language is permissible when describing specialized subjects in a concise, accurate and technically precise manner. When dealing with technical subjects, remember the following points: Use plain language in the main parts of a

Initial Mapping Statement in Context

The Initial Mapping Statement will often be prepared in draft form by the Project Initiator during the project set-up stage, on the page pictured below: Once the project set-up stage is complete and drafting roles are assigned, the Initial Mapping Statement field will appear again on the Drafting Page. If text was entered during

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Sample Initial Mapping Statement

The following sample initial mapping statement is adapted from Paul Emanuelli's Precision Drafting: Trade Secrets for Tenders and RFPs: The Department seeks a supplier to provide a shipment of various forestry products. The supplier will be responsible for delivering the products to 197 Independence Avenue in Capital City, Aurora Islands, within the delivery times

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Organizing Your Team in the “Clean Room”

(Adapted from Paul Emanuelli’s Precision Drafting: A Handbook for Tenders and RFPs) When it comes to drafting procurement documents, we are often our own worst enemies. Our failure to communicate effectively with our suppliers is often a by-product of an even more fundamental problem: our failure to communicate effectively amongst ourselves. We need to achieve

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What is an Initial Mapping Statement?

An initial mapping statement is a clear and concise statement that answers the question “What are we buying?” in non-technical language. It has two purposes: It serves as a roadmap for the procurement design process, ensuring that your team members have a consistent understanding of the scope of the project before the RFX document

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