Mandatory Requirements and Pre-Conditions in Context

Mandatory Submission Requirements & Pre-Conditions of Award Mandatory Submission Requirements are entered into the drafting fields and designated as either Submission Requirements or Pre-Conditions of Award through the radio toggle button as in the image below:   The content designated as a Submission Requirement will appear in the template in the following location:   The content

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Drafting Mandatory Technical Requirements

The Mandatory Technical Requirements drafting section should be used to set out technical requirements that must be met in order for a proposal or bid to be considered. Because failure to meet a mandatory requirement results in disqualification, great care should be taken in drafting mandatory requirements to ensure that they enable a clear and objective assessment

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Drafting Mandatory Submission Requirements and Pre-Conditions of Award

The Mandatory Submission Requirements/Preconditions of Award drafting section should be used to set out information that must be submitted either at the time of bid submission (Mandatory Submission Requirements) or prior to contract award (Pre-Conditions of Award). Common examples include: proof of insurance proof of workplace safety compliance proof of relevant certifications

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Understanding Mandatory Requirements and Pre-Conditions of Award

Mandatory requirements are requirements that must be met by bidders before they can proceed past a particular point in the procurement process. For the purposes of Orbidder, they can be sorted into three main categories: process requirements, submission requirements, and technical requirements. 1. Process Requirements Process requirements are criteria that focus on submission deadlines

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