Drafting Snippet Library Content

The Snippet Library is made up with folders that correspond with specific drafting fields. To help you draft customized content that will assist your users in setting up and drafting your RFX documents, we have compiled a guide for each of these folders. For an overview of how to access and

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Using the Snippet Library

The Snippet Library is a specialized part of the Orbidder Vault containing snippets of content that can be dropped into Orbidder drafting fields from within your Orbidder projects. Using Snippets in Orbidder Projects Snippet content can be accessed by drafters directly from the Drafters Page in Orbidder. Each drafting field that has access to Snippets will include a

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Using the Orbidder Vault

What is the Orbidder Vault? The Orbidder Vault is a storage system within Orbidder that can be used to keep all of your standard forms and attachments in a centralized location accessible to your organization's Orbidder users. The Vault can be accessed by selecting "Vault" on the main menu bar:     From the Vault screen,

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