During the Orbidder project creation stage, you will be asked to create categories of deliverables on the Align Deliverables, Pricing and Material Disclosures page.

Here’s an overview of deliverable categories as they function in Orbidder:

  • A category of deliverables is a deliverable or group of deliverables that will share a single pricing structure and set of specifications.
  • A single category of deliverables might include one item or multiple items.
  • There is often more than one way to set up deliverable categories.
  • A complex project will not necessarily have more deliverable categories than a simple project.

Below are some general guidelines for choosing deliverable categories, with examples.

Different Pricing Structures Require Different Deliverable Categories

Whether or not deliverables fall into different categories will often depend on the pricing structure. Items that will be assessed using different pricing structures should be set up as different categories of deliverables:


A procurement involving both goods and services could be set up in either of the following ways, depending on the desired pricing structure:



The Same Pricing Structure Can be Repeated Across Categories

While you can’t create different pricing structures within the same deliverable category, you can repeat the same pricing structure for the different categories, particularly where the items require different detailed deliverable descriptions:


Categories Can Encompass Multiple Items

A single category can be used to encompass multiple items, even where the pricing or description for each item is different. This is a useful option where multiple items are being purchased based on unit price, such as office supplies. The individual items to be purchased will be broken down further in the Description of Deliverables and Pricing areas. Similarly, for a procurement of services based on hourly rates, it is not necessary to break down the different rate categories at this stage.



Some Projects Will Have Only One Category of Deliverables

A project may have only a single category of deliverables, as in the case of many lump-sum construction tenders. screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-2-42-43-pm