During the project creation phase, the Project Initiator creates an Evaluation Grid that sets out different Rated Criteria Categories and their respective weightings and minimum thresholds:

During the drafting phase, the assigned drafter will be responsible for filling in the descriptions under each Rated Criteria Category:

Use the space provided under each Rated Criteria category to include:

  • A detailed description of what will be considered and assessed under the category
  • The specific information you are requesting to allow you to evaluate the category

Depending on the nature of the project, some or all categories may also include:

  • A further breakdown of the weighting into sub-weightings for specific items
  • An attached checklist, chart, or form to be completed for the category

The Rated Criteria Category for Pricing is intentionally greyed. This is because the Pricing section is assigned as a separate drafting role. The evaluation table created through the Evaluation drafting section will include only the percentage of total points assigned to pricing, and the minimum threshold, if any. For further details, see the Evaluation Grid in Context.

At the bottom of the screen, there is an optional section titled “General Instructions for Rated Requirements“. Use this section, if desired, to add any additional information about the evaluation requirements. For example, you may wish to add any of the following optional information:

  • A request that the information be provided under headings that correspond with the listed categories
  • References to what may or may not be included (e.g. attachments)
  • Page or word limits
  • Cumulative thresholds (e.g., “submissions scoring less than 75/100 on the evaluation will be disqualified from further consideration”)

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