I’m an administrator and one of our users is unable to login. I have tried resetting the password and they still can’t log in.2017-07-31T16:54:20+00:00

There are two issues that may be preventing a user from logging in:

1. A user will only be able to log in if their account is active. Make sure that “Active” is checked in the status section of the user’s account profile.

2. The user may be temporarily locked out if the maximum number of login attempts for the account was exceeded. This is a temporary lock that should clear in 15 minutes. If your user requires urgent access, please contact us to reset the locked status.

You should also double-check that your user is typing in their username and password correctly. Please note that user names and passwords are both case-sensitive.

My procurement is for a combination of goods and services. What category should I choose on the Project Details page?2017-02-06T21:17:51+00:00

The Project Details page requires you to classify your project as either “Goods”, “Services” or “Construction.”

These categories are used in various treaties to set thresholds for open competition requirements.  The category you select here will be the same one you would look at if you were determining which open competition treaty threshold applies to your project.

Note that this information is collected only for your own information for the purposes of metrics, and will not impact the template selection process or any other aspect of project creation.

I’m drafting the Evaluation section but the fields under the heading “Pricing” are greyed out. Why can’t I draft in these fields?2017-01-25T19:00:58+00:00

The Pricing fields in the Evaluation section are greyed out intentionally, because the Pricing section is assigned as a separate drafting role. The evaluation table created through the Evaluation drafting section will include only the percentage of total points assigned to pricing, and the minimum threshold, if any. For further details, see the Evaluation Grid in Context.

I’d like to finalize my document, but there is no “Finalize” button. Why not?2016-11-25T14:27:33+00:00

The finalize button will only appear if the project status is “Drafting Complete”, which means that all drafting sections have been marked as “complete” on the Drafting Page. Once all of the drafting sections have been marked as complete, the finalize button will appear on the project landing page (the  page reached by clicking on the project name in the Dashboard) for both the Head of Procurement and the Procurement Lead for the project. It will not appear for Drafters or Project Initiators.

Is there a size limit for attachments?2017-02-06T21:11:45+00:00

The size limit for attachments is 20 MB.

What type of files can I upload as attachments in Orbidder?2016-11-09T17:27:41+00:00

You can upload any type of document file, including images, word process files, slide presentations, and spreadsheets. Bear in mind, however, that the document will be downloaded by bidders in the same format in which you uploaded it, so we recommend using a format that your bidders will be able to open easily.

The section I’m drafting doesn’t have an “Attach File” button. Can I still add an attachment?2017-01-09T18:37:10+00:00

There are two reasons that your drafting field may not have an “Attach File” button:

  1. There are some fields that cannot take attachments. We have intentionally omitted attachments in areas where they do not fit with the purpose of the section (such as the Initial Mapping Statement, which is intended to be a brief overview in the body of the document), or where the structure of the section requires drafting in a certain style (such as the Pricing Form). For these fields, all drafting should be done in the space provided.
  2. If you have just added a new item in a field that allows you to add items (like Mandatory Submission Requirements or Pre-Conditions of Award, and Mandatory Technical Requirements), you will need to reload the drafting page before the “Attach File” button will appear for the newly added item. Remember to save your work before reloading.
I’ve lost or forgotten my password or username. What should I do?2017-05-02T16:06:29+00:00

Please contact your organization’s Orbidder administrator to find out your username or have your password reset.

Can I upload more than one attachment for a single drafting field?2016-11-09T17:34:33+00:00

Orbidder allows you to upload only one attachment per drafting field. If you have multiple items to upload for a single drafting field, they should be combined into one document prior to uploading.