The Evaluation Grid will be set up initially by the Project Initiator during the project set-up stage, on the page pictured below:

A drafter will then be assigned to detail the rated criteria requirements under each of the categories established during the project set up stage. Please note that once the Evaluation Grid has been set up, it can only be changed by the Procurement Lead or the Head of Procurement. If you are a drafter and would like to suggest different categories, please contact the Procurement Lead for the project.

On the Drafters Page, the Evaluation Grid will be expanded so that there is room for the assigned drafter to detail the requirements under each of the non-price Rated Criteria categories:

At the bottom of the screen, there is an optional section titled “General Instructions for Rated Requirements”:

For further information on drafting the information in the above sections, see Drafting Evaluation Criteria.

How Will this Information Appear in the final Template?

The information entered into the Evaluation section on the Drafting Page will appear under sub-headings listing the various rated criteria categories, underneath a table that sets out the rated criteria category titles, weightings, and thresholds:

The General Instructions for Rated Requirements, if completed, will appear right above this section, beneath the instructions that are included by default in your template (your default instructions may vary):

Read more about Evaluations and Rated Criteria: