What is the Orbidder Vault?

The Orbidder Vault is a storage system within Orbidder that can be used to keep all of your standard forms and attachments in a centralized location accessible to your organization’s Orbidder users.

The Vault can be accessed by selecting “Vault” on the main menu bar:



From the Vault screen, users can access to three locations using the left-side navigation panel:

  1. Global Vault
  2. Local Vault
  3. Snippet Library



The Global Vault contains documents added by the Procurement Office for the use of all Orbidder users.

The Local Vault contains documents added by your organization for the use of your Orbidder users only. These documents cannot be seen by Orbidder users outside of your organization. Your local vault might include items like:

  • Standard form contracts and terms and conditions
  • Template evaluation grids
  • Checklists or procedural guides
  • Other forms or documents commonly used in your organization’s procurement processes.

The Snippet Library contains snippets of content that can be dropped into Orbidder drafting fields from within your Orbidder projects. Please see Using the Snippet Library for more details.

Only the Head of Procurement, Procurement Lead or Client Administrator can add and delete documents within your Local Vault. If you would like to add a document to your Local Vault, contact your Head of Procurement or Procurement Lead.

If you have a document that you would like to share with other organizations in the Global Vault, please contact us.

Accessing Vault Documents

Documents in the Global and Local Vaults can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Through the Vault itself
  2. From the Drafters Page

To access a document from within the Vault, double-click on the document icon. You will be given the option of viewing or downloading the file:

Note: Only PDFs can be viewed in your browser, and only if your browser is set to allow this. If you select a document other than a PDF or if your browser is set to download rather than view PDFs, your file will be downloaded instead.

To add a Vault file as an attachment to your Orbidder project, click the “Attach” button in the relevant drafting field on the Drafters Page:

A pop-up window will open that will allow you to locate a file from the Global or Local Vault and attach it to your project:

Once you’ve located and selected the file you want, you’ll be taken to a second pop-up window where you can name and attach your file: