The Snippet Library is a specialized part of the Orbidder Vault containing snippets of content that can be dropped into Orbidder drafting fields from within your Orbidder projects.

Using Snippets in Orbidder Projects

Snippet content can be accessed by drafters directly from the Drafters Page in Orbidder. Each drafting field that has access to Snippets will include a drop-down menu inviting drafters to add content from the Snippet Library:

When you select “Add content from snippet library”, you will see a drop-down list of all snippets available for this particular drafting category:

Select the file you want and select “View” to preview the content in a pop-up window:

Click “Insert” to add the content to your project, and Orbidder will insert the snippet into the drafting field:

Note that snippet content will overwrite any existing content in the drafting field. If you plan to use snippet content in addition to other material, add the snippet content first, then revise or add text as desired.

Adding Content to the Snippet Library

Content may be added to the Snippet Library by the Head of Procurement, Procurement Leads, and Client Administrators.

To access the Snippet Library, select “Vault” from the main menu bar:

Then select “Snippet Library” from the options on the left:

You will be taken to a library of folders that correspond with the different categories of editable content in Orbidder:

The folders in the Snippet Library are fixed and cannot be changed. This is because they correspond with specific drafting fields within Orbidder.

Select the folder you would like to add content to, then click “Add Library Content”:

A pop-up window will open that will allow you to add and save a snippet:

Read more about drafting snippet library content: