An initial mapping statement is a clear and concise statement that answers the question “What are we buying?” in non-technical language. It has two purposes:

  1. It serves as a roadmap for the procurement design process, ensuring that your team members have a consistent understanding of the scope of the project before the RFX document is drafted.
  2. It gives readers an overview of the project to help them determine whether to read further.

The initial mapping statement will be inserted into the overview section of your procurement template as a introduction to the project. You may also choose to use it as your project overview when you advertise or post your bid documents. Show me an initial mapping statement in context.

It should:

  • Clarify the internal understanding of the project to ensure that all project team members are on the same page. The details of the project should be worked out at this stage, not by the assigned drafters. We recommend using a Clean Room Exercise to develop your initial mapping statement.
  • Contain a concise overview of what you are buying, including any peripheral equipment or services. If you are purchasing a product, are you also purchasing installation or service for that product? If so, that should be included in the initial mapping statement. While it’s not necessary to list individual items at this stage, it may be useful to list categories of items, depending on the number of categories.
  • Give potential bidders useful information without going into technical details. The technical specifications will be completed later in the project by an assigned drafter. The initial mapping statement should allow the reader to answer the question “Are these the types of goods or services my company provides?”, but not the question “Do we have this particular model in stock?”