The Deliverable Categories you create on the Align Deliverables, Pricing & Material Disclosures page will appear in three places in your Orbidder project:

  1. As category titles for drafting the Description of Deliverables
  2. As category titles for drafting Material Disclosures
  3. As line items on the Pricing Form (simple version)

In the following example, we’ve defined two categories of deliverables: Half-Ton Trucks and One-Ton Trucks:

Deliverable categories filled in

These deliverable categories will appear in three places:


Category Headings for Description of Deliverables

The deliverable categories will appear as category headings in the “Description of Deliverables” drafting area. Whoever is assigned to draft the description of deliverables (sometimes referred to as the “specifications” or “specs”) will be asked to draft separate descriptions or specifications for each category of deliverables:


Category Headings for Material Disclosures

The deliverable categories will also appear as category headings in the “Material Disclosures” drafting area. The drafter assigned to draft the material disclosures will be asked to consider whether there are any material disclosures related to each category of deliverables and, if so, to draft those material disclosures:


Category Headings for the Pricing Form

The deliverable categories will also appear under “Pricing Form and Instructions”. If you choose to use our built-in simple pricing structure form (the default option), the deliverable categories will be line-items on the form: